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​Pitch editing -  You may have heard of "Melodyning"?  It is something that all of the major labels require for vocal processing. Nearly ALL popular artist you can think of have had this kind of tuning done to their vocal recordings.  All vocalists sound like perfect singers, whether you are good from the start or not - you are great after this.......

Not just auto tune (although we do that too), but a complete pitch correction to put your vocals in perfect tune.  This requires time, but very worth the effort.

Perhaps your vocal range is limited and the voice recording sounds out of place, or maybe part of the voice recorded in the key of F  that you would prefer in D. We can make that happen without having to re-record the vocals in your song. Whether it is big changes to a completely different key or just changing a sharp note to a flat note, the vocal track can be salvaged - every time, and sound very good too.

Some artists choose to have their vocal with intentional mis-tuning and then use auto tune to achieve a certain desired effect.

Nearly everybody will sound like a world class singer after vocal pitch editing and  processing at Eleven 11 Studio

Hi Kurt,
I got the Tracks and after comparing your result with the original, I am really more than happy. Still I hope that I will just turn that Gain knob down a bit next time :D
thank you very much!  best regards  Simon - Germany

Audio repair is addressed in the mix. If we are mixing your music, we can take a look at this at that time. If you would like to send us audio that is in need of repair where you are doing the mix yourself, all we really need is the track that needs attention and not the entire mix. If you do not hav access to the individual tracks, then the full audio file is fine. The price is $55 to start then the usual hourly studio rate from there, if needed. We will almost always be able to complete the repair with the initial deposit.



​Pay $75 deposit for 1 hour audio repair

(contact us for estimate regarding your project)

Weak or missing note - We can use a similar note in the mix of a song track to copy and splice into a part or note of the same track that may have a problem from the recording phase.

De-bleed - remove the vocal from your acoustic recording, take the drum out of your guitar recording etc. 

De-noise- Reduce floor noise and remove background dialogue noise without affecting tone quality. Take away the humming noise and unwanted sounds that can mar an instrument or dialog track and save your great performance or presentation. Great for treatment of recordings that were tracked in uncontrolled and untreated space. Denoise any voice recording: voiceover, podcast, sung vocals, audio books....

​​Remove clicks - Eliminate clips, crackling, digital impulse noises, pops and other sudden unwanted sounds that were captured while recording voice or instruments with a microphone. Take away those continuous clicks from vinyl transfers or even the unwanted mouth noises from a vocal recording.

​We can help rescue your audio  by transforming flawed recordings into usable tracks thereby avoiding the need to re-record that track.  Our software uses industry-leading technology that is used on major lable record releases, network television and Hollywood films to fix audio that you thought you would never use.  Remember that old archived material, live show or live presentation? Now you can bring it back to life by cleaning up the audio and preserving the heart of the recording.   Sometimes, like in a live show recording situation, you don't even have the option to re-record, now we can fix it for you. This feature is not only for music, but our audio repair service works well for any type of voice presentation, from meetings to podcasts to electronic books (e-books)

Audio repairs may include: dialogue isolation, de-rustle, de-reverb, variable time and pitch (without tone change), ambiance match, wow & flutter correction, loudness control  de-breath, de-noise (remove unwanted sounds like an airplane), de-clip, de-crackle, de-ess, de-bleed, spectral repairs, de-hum, de-wind,  and now guitar denoise (including squeaks, etc).

The following are some examples of how we can help you clean up audio from less than ideal recording scenerios:


Remove clipping noises - Don't lose the flow of an inspired performance. Let us clipping distortion from a vocal or dialogue recording that became hotter than expected and hang on the the passionate well delivered takes. We can repair the digital and analog clipping artifacts to save your single take recordings. Great for live shows, rehearsal recordings, and archived material.

Humm, Buzz, Ground Loops - we can salvage your noisy tracks by filtering out line hum, buzzes, ground loops and other noisy sounds that made their way into a multi-track recording, even after it is too late to re-track.

​De-Breath - Remove the annoying breath noises that sometimes naturally occur during a vocal recording without effecting the tonal quality of the voice itself

Remove  unwanted noises- We have successfully removed airplanes, automobiles, whistles, background noise, low frequency rumble, mic bumps and much more. If your audio has unwanted noise, we can either remove it or at least greatly reduce it.

Guitar de-noise- remove unwanted finger squeaks, amplifier buzz, and finger picks

Isolate instrument or vocal

BEFORE & AFTER - original vocal recording  with significant acoustic bleed and mic bump at :16

  • 0:21

  • 0:21

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