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TAPE and VINYL TRANSFER  - We have the tools and knowledge to transform your old cassette tapes and your vinyl record albums into usable digital media which can be played on your computer or iPod or recorded to CD. For you old guys, now you can play your old cassettes in your car again.  [MORE]

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SONG  MASTERING - the final step in the recording production process. This is where the final mix is enhanced and prepared for CD publishing and TV or radio play. This is the step where competative loudness or loudness limitation is achieved and so important. The necessary CD-text and metadata imbedding is also provided here so that your music and the artists involved can be identified and credited for airplay pay. We can also add enhancers, exciters, stereoizers, analog tape saturation, etc  [MORE]

AUDIO REPAIR - Sometimes, when a recording is less than perfect and there is no opportunity for a retake, it is necessary to undergo post-production audio repair. In this process unwanted noises are removed. The irritating, annoying and distracting noises are addressed and will rescue your tracks and transform your flawed recordings into useable tracks usually by completely removing or at the least greatly reducing stuff like mic bumps, hiss and hum, reverberation, that truck that drove by, clicking, crackles, clipping, de-breath, mic bleed, de-ess, reduce plosives, EQ'ing, wind noise, and much more.....  [MORE]

SONG ARRANGEMENT  - Your music can be cut and spliced into a totally different arrangement creating a totally different song using the same rhythm and licks. Or using pre-recorded music clips, arrange them into a rockin new song that you didn't even know you had. Let us add a beat to your guitar recording and there you go  [MORE]

CD MASTERING - Similar to song mastering, CD mastering is accomplished on a much larger scale. The various songs are made to all fit together nicely in an album. They all need to be similar in loudness and tone quality, arranged in an order that makes artistic sense, data and text coded by song and by album, and artwork imbedded. UPC / ISDN and ISRC codes can be added so that you can get paid. [MORE]

​​With our audio services, you have choices about how you would like to receive your completed project. We offer email,  download, flash drive (you provide the drive), or CD. We also offer multiple file types including .wav, .aiff, .mp3, .wma, flac and more. 

MIXING - is the next step after recording. We will utilize our skills and experienced techniques to take your song to the next level by delivering you the sound you want. We will bring your song to rich life in the way that you desire, whether it be bright and crystal clear, or dark powerful or punchy bass. Either way, your tune will reach the mastering stage fully processed in top form and ready for perfection.  [MORE]

RECORDING - We offer affordable studio session recording services to bands and artists ranging from quick and easy demo of a song (or several songs) with near broadcast quality, to fully engineered albums. We will work with individual rap artists that want to record and mix their hip-hop vocal to an existing beat as well as large music groups requiring multi-session, multi-track lead and rhythm recording of various instruments and multiple vocals, or just a simple voice over project.  [MORE]