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​We listen to our mastered songs in as many ways as possible to ensure the best sound on all forms of media. You can never predict exactly which form of media your listeners might be using and therefore it is necessary to optimize as best as possible for all listening environments. The only way to do this is to listen to the song on not only expensive, quality studio monitors, but also headphones, ear buds, car stereo, home stereo, cell phone and laptop. This is a time consuming process, but we believe it to be necessary to ensure that all your listeners will like your music, however they listen.

We use iZotope Ozone mastering software 

an  industry leader in quality audio software

CD Mastering $800 ( 4 songs)

Pay 50% deposit now $400.00 

balance due at completion. Contact us for additional pricing information.

Not to be confused with song mastering,

CD mastering requires that each song that is to be compiled into one album be mastered together to ensure a consistant tone and loudness throughout the album. Considerations are made for intended distribution type, such as internet play or sale, CD printing, radio broadcast etc. This is important because, for example,  file size may effect internet download times, some websites have loudness limitation requirements, while everybody wants their music to be as loud as possible. Compression, limiters and changes in bit rates etc may effect the way your hear the song. This is also the time to determine an appropriate and artistic arrangement of your songs within the album, transition times, and encoding of the individual songs as well as the overall album itself with imbedded codes that identify you, your music, who is to be paid for play (UPC and ISRC codes), etc . Our CD mastering meets 'Redbook' industry standard so that you can compete with all commercially produced high quality albums regardless of how you intend to distribute your music. 

​With each CD mastering, you will receive the following important items and services:
- 100% satisfaction guarantee – This is why we give opportunities to review your project and ability to request changes Prior to final payment 
-A complete error check with printed loudness report of every one second interval of every song
- Our guarantee and printed report showing that there is no clipping anywhere in the mastered recordings (if you are doing the mixing, well?).
- Printed graphic version of the loudness history from beginning to end (in case you don’t want to review the second by second data chart)
- A printed report showing all metadata encoded into each song

- A Redbook compliant Master Disc 
* These reports are good to have in the event, for example a radio station requires them prior to submitting your music. They do need to know these details.

  • Equalization of frequencies and tone adjustments

  • Compression and limiting of frequency groups

  • Compression and limiting of the overall song

  • RMS and Peak limiting

  • Preservation of dynamics

  • Addition of ambience, exciters and enhancers

  • Reverb, flange and chorus

  • Stereo widening / narrowing

  • Stereo balancing

  • Bass enhancement – smoothing or punch

  • Phase analysis

  • Volume maximizing, within the loudness limitation of intended use

  • Transient emphasis / de-emphasis

  • Text and data encoding, including ISRC and UPC codes (if you have them)

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