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ELEVEN 11 STUDIO is hosting a new song writing contest.

There are only 3 basic rules of entry:
1. Follow us on Twitter @Eleven11_Studio
2  Retweet our pinned tweet regarding the song contest
3. Submit your song as described in the rules below

The subject of the song must be based on the Corona Virus, Covid-19. something along the lines of sickness, death, quarantine life, hordes of shoppers happy, sad, humor, the future, real life events, a parody of another song, political…etc. All genres are accepted.

We are looking for an original song written by the submitting artist. The recording must be of acceptable quality to produce into a radio ready work of art (or close to it, we can do a lot to fix it, but prefer to not have to as it requires a lot of time).

We understand that it is currently difficult to get the band together, but you can be creative a collaborate by internet. Alternatively, we will also accept a simpler recording of just a single instrument and a vocal. The song must contain a vocal.

Your song submission must be in TWO different formats –
1.  a completed reference mix that we will share with the SONG PROMOMOTER for judging purposes and to use as a reference for mixing. File format is preferable in .MP3 for this purpose.
2.  The winner will need to submit a multi-track of all the song parts, that is the stems. These will be used to work on the mix of your song and MUST be in .WAV format.
- If you do not have recording equipment available to you at this time, we still want to hear your song. You may still submit a recording from your computer or cell phone. You probably will not win, but we will all still enjoy what you have to say, and who knows, maybe someone will hear it and like it so much they will want to collaborate with you to create a higher quality recording for later use.
Your song should between 2 to 4 minutes. The song submission should be made through the ELEVEN 11 STUDIO website Eleven11Studio.net   or by other arrangements with ELEVEN 11 STUDIO. If there are file size issues with the upload, we will use Dropbox or some other cloud service.

It would be nice if your song was NOT filled with a mouthful of four letter words (makes it difficult to get airplay)

Once the contest is closed to submissions, all of the contest song entries will be uploaded to the voting page

Voters will be required to enter a vote for 3 songs, otherwise their vote will not be accepted. This will help to ensure that your song is actually heard, rather than turning this into a popularity contest by getting your friends to vote. This is a song contest, not a popularity contest, about the song, and not about the entrants popularity. We do encourage getting your friends and family to vote, so please spread the word about your entry by sending them the link to the voting page. Once again, thesongs and voting link are here.  We hope that the voters will listen to the songs then enter their vote to their 3 favorites among the entries, rather than simply choosing  your friend. We believe that requiring a 3 song vote will help to ensure that the best song wins. Thank you and good luck!.

The winning song will be mixed and mastered at ELEVEN 11 STUDIO, at no cost to the artist, and released to participating radio stations for airplay. We are currently working out details with various radio stations so that we can quickly accomplish this on your behalf. So far, there has been a good amount of interest by various radio stations. Although we are working on partnering with various radio stations, and will have those agreements in place, we can make no guarantee on behalf of the radio stations.  Once the arrangements are fully secured, we will announce and promote the stations that want to participate, and we hope that you will do the same for those who want to play and promote your song.

We want to share all of the hard work of all of the entrants so that you all may have fun with it. We will share with the public those artists who have participated along with their song submission. All appropriate song submissions will be posted to the Eleven 11 Studio website so that they can be heard by everyone. They will be posted in the same condition as they were submitted. We will create a separate page on our site just for the purpose of placing your music there.

The winning song will be posted and highlighted on the ELEVEN 11 STUDIO website www.Eleven11Studio.net in its completely mixed and mastered form and will be left long term.

Additionally,  BMT Promotions @brendatomczak has generously offered to create a customized emoji for the winning artist and promote their song on Twitter at no cost for a full two week period following the contest.

Forkster Music Promo @Forkster_2013 has offered to provide a month of  Twitter promo for the winning artist and their song.  including a tweet promo once a day for a full one month at no cost.

These are generally a paid service which will be provided at no cost to the winner. Lets be sure to promote and support both of these promotors as well as follow them on Twitter


The following radio stations are interested in including the winning music to their playlist

Only Rock Radio @Only_Rock_Radio and OnlyRockRadio.com 

have offered to promote the winning song across all of there social  

media as well as ad the winning song to their playlist for a time to be

determined by them. Please support Only Rock Radio  

Additional interested radio stations include:

Radio Coolio   @radiocoolio radiocoolio.com 

The New Music Food Truck  @NewMusicFoodTruck, newmusicfoodtruck.com

Broken Neck Radio   @BrokenNeckRadio  brokenneckradio.com

By submitting your song, you agree that you have exclusive ownership rights to share and distribute for airplay and download. Do not expect to be paid for air play or for downloads by the listening public or their media of choice as a result of this contest. This is entirely a recreational project for fun and not for profit. My hope is that you will however, maybe, gain a little notoriety as an artist.

The submitting artists will still own exclusive rights to their music, including the winning song. The winning artist may, at their discretion, submit the mastered song to any other platforms as they wish, ie, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc. Any additional work that might need to be done for the artists discretionary submissions will be done at the artists expense.

Any questions can be directed to Eleven 11 Studio @Eleven11_Studio