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Copyright protection is always a concern to all artists. There are internet companies that offer copyright registration for a fee. These companies require you entrust your hard work into their hands and upload your song to them to log and store for potential future evidence.

When Eleven 11 Studio  mixes and masters your music, you have already entrusted our company to have access to your brand creative and work product. We will obviously also have your music already on file as well. Being that we were the originators who produced it, we will have a complete and accurate digital history of the music that you have entrusted to us. Considering this,  it just makes sense that we offer to you the same copyright registration service, thereby saving you that extra hassle  and concern of involving an additional middleman. 

Additional benefits of our copyright registration service

Of additional concern, most studios will not guarantee that they will keep a backup  copy of your music files once your music has been delivered to you. If the copyright service from Eleven 11 Studio is utilized, you will benefit in another way. Aside from the copyright registration, we will also  be maintaining a back-up storage copy of your music project forever.

It is extremely common that bands and musicians lose their song files and the studio no longer has their music in their database to get them another copy. With our assurance of a backup file copy (using our copyright service) you will always be able get another copy of your music when you need it. Not only will we backup just the completed song file, but also the stem files - that is all the individual parts and pieces that make up the song.

Having available a copy of the completed song is important if you need to submit it to a radio station or website. But, there is a possibility that in the future you will want to remix or remaster a song. Having the stems will allow you to do this. You cannot remix or remaster with just the completed song file. Lets consider the possibility that the lead singer left the band and you want to re-record just the vocals without having to start from scratch and re-record the entire song. With having the stem files available, you can have the new vocal recording mixed into the rest of the prior song recording. You can even  add a new instrument, remove an instrument or even add or change an effect.

With our file maintenance assurance, you can stop worrying that you will ever lose your files. Sign up for our copyright registration service!

Please review the detailed explanation and the terms & conditions of our copyright registration service. 

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Copyright register album (up to 10 songs) $75


Copyright register 1 song $15

Copyright register 3 songs $35