MASTER a single  song $50.00

        Pay $25.00 deposit

If your song file is 10 MB or less, use this form to upload directly to Eleven 11 Studio now !

​Otherwise, see above to use a cloud service

Eleven ll Studio


If your file is larger than 10 MB see above for 

instructions to upload by cloud (i.e. Dropbox)​

Upon submitting your file, you will be taken to a payment page for payment of a deposit only

MIX single song $150

  Pay $75.00  deposit


We use Dropbox for file sharing. If you do not currently have a Dropbox account, you can open a basic account for free. With the basic account, they provide 2GB of free storage which is more than enough as long as you delete the files that you are no longer using.  It is super easy to use and very intuitive. 
Other artists have also used Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. You may also want to try Apple's iCloud service.

If you would like to try Dropbox, follow these instructions
1. Go to the
Dropbox website and set up a basic account using only an email address and password.

2. File folders in Dropbox work the same way as the file folders in your computer. You can create a folder if you like, or simply upload a music file directly to Dropbox by cutting and pasting your file from your file folder into the Dropbox folder.

3. After the music file has completed uploading, simply hit the "share" button and Dropbox will show a link. Cut and paste that link into an email to Eleven 11 Studio. You can also paste the link into the comment section of our Contact page. The music file that you upload can only be accessed by someone whom you share the link with. You can delete the file sometime later, after you are sure that we have received it.

4. We will download your music file, edit it, and return it to you using the same method that you sent it us. Before doing any work on your music, we will need to contact you for additional information.

That easy !!

If your music file is in .MP3 format, then it is compressed and small enough that you should generally be able to email them to us here at Eleven 11 Studio. Other file formats may be too large for the email system to handle and in those cases, you will need to upload them to a cloud service and we will in turn download them to our system. The same process occurs in reverse when we return your music to you, we will upload them to a cloud service and provide you with access to download them.



For best audio quality, upload music files in .WAV format whenever possible. This is the highest quality sound format.  The next preference would be .AIFF files although we can work with any.

In case you are asking HOW can you provide studio services based on internet transfer? let me explain;   Really, it is a pretty simple process. In most cases, your music is already in digital format as provided to you by the recording studio. This makes it really easy to transfer the music files to Eleven 11 Studio over the internet. There are a couple different ways to transfer your digital music files. First is by email, and second is by cloud server (upload and download).

With the exception of the actual recording process, we are able to perform all other studio services remotely via the internet - Including:  Mixing, Mastering, CD mastering, Audio repair, Arranging and copyright protection.


We offer INTERNET WORLDWIDE Studio Services !!!