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  • Live Music, Clubs, Halls, Parks
  •   Speaking Engagements
  •     DJ'g - Weddings, Parties
  •      Conference meetings
  •    Churches & Worship Houses
  • ​Board rooms, Banquets, Dinners
  • Corporate bookings, Events

If you and your band are interested in playing live before a small to medium size crowd, I would highly recommend the utilization of our live sound engineer and equipment rental. Your live show will be professionally produced by using a great sound engineer who has his full attention on the sounds both going into and coming out of the speakers throughout the entire performance. This will allow your music to maintain an optimal sound quality throughout presentation, while the various instruments will be cohesively creating music together, rather than battling each other for air space. The engineer will become the unseen member of the band that is charged with the task hauling around and setting up a complete PA system,  properly mic'ing the guitar and bass amps, mic'ing the drum kit with multiple microphones, and lets not forget the vocals and back-up singers.  When the band can be all brought together sonically with a cohesive sound each musical instrument glued into the song in harmony gelling with other instruments or voice through the use of techniques such as gating, compression, reverb, delay, limiting, and EQ'g the sound quality will rise to a new  level far above what you are used to hearing. Plus, it totally frees you up from worrying about the 'sound of the band' as a whole and gives you the ability to to just focus on playing your great music, not managing it. Do what you do best, that is jam with rage and purpose.  Let's impress your listening audience with great sound!!!                                           

Please inquire for your next live gig, concert in the park, or whatever. 

 LIVE Sound Rental & Lighting

For the purposes of generating live sound reinforcement for either indoor or outdoor venue, we are equipped to manage groups ranging from a small backyard or house party,  to a bar or restaurant, or any group up to about 5,000 people. If you simply just need a PA system for a speaking event, we can handle that too.

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