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We use industry leading iZotope mastering software to accomplish:

  • Equalization of frequencies and tone adjustments

  • Multi-band Compression and limiting 

  • Song Compression and limiting


  • RMS and Peak limiting

  • Preservation of dynamics

  • Ambience, exciters and enhancers

  • Tube, Analog and Tape Saturation

  • Stereo widening / narrowing

  • Stereo balancing

  • Bass enhancement – smoothing or punch

  • Phase analysis


  • Spectral analysis

  • Vintage EQ'g

  • Dynamic EQ'g

  • Volume maximizing

  • BS-1770 Broadcast loudness compliance

  • Text and data encoding, including ISRC and UPC codes

      (if you have them)  


is the final step in the recording production process. This is where the final mix is enhanced and prepared for CD publishing and TV or radio play. This is the step where competative loudness or limitation of loudness is achieved, depending on the intended use. The song may also be enhanced with richness of tone, space and excitment to achieve a full bodied song that will compete with professional sound quality. The necessary CD-text and metadata imbedding is also provided here so that your music and the artists involved can be identified and credited for their radio play payment when broadcasted,
We will master your song or entire album to match todays standard of the industry.  Just let us know how you intend to use your music whether it be CD production, internet play, or TV & radio broadcast and we will make sure that it is optimized for that form of media and in the format and condition that is acceptable to the requirements of your intended receiver. As an example, if there is any clipping whatsoever, some websites like iTunes will reject the song. If the music exceeds the maximum allowable loudness, some websites and radio will not accept your submission. We will make sure that your music is appropriately mastered for its intended use,  ​


Using a previously completed project and without changing any of the details of the mix, but running it through a different mastering process can add an entirely new dimension and feel to your music. The superstars of our industry do it all the time - The Beatles and Led Zeppelin have published re-mastered music decades after the original releases. Changing the compression, limiting, stereo spread, adding exciters can add clarity and punch to a song that we all got tired of listening too a long time ago. Give a try and see (or listen) to what happens... 

Do I need to master my song?
Do I need to master my Demo?

These are questions that you might be asking yourself. Your demo song or demo disc is so important to master. You have heard the saying that "First impressions are lasting impressions" or "you only have one chance to make a great first impression" ...  You want to make it a priority to have your demo sound great because this is your opportunity and ticket into getting your gigs and getting heard.  You  want to make a really good first impression, right!. The same holds true with all your recordings. Your final song is a permanent record and a reflection of your professionalism and music skills. This is your art and your hard work that we are talking about.  If you are going through the time and expense to write a piece of music and lay down a track, make it a good one, the best that you can do. 

                      A Single simple song master starting at  $150.00

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All prices are subject to variances depending upon the customers unique needs

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We will either use the songs that we have mixed for you, or you can send us your songs that are already mixed and ready to be mastered by uploading them here. Tell us a general or specific dierect that you would like us to go in.  We will master your song to meet our professional and the industry standard. we will provide you clips for your review and approval. If necessary, we will re-work the song, until you are satisfied.  We will email you a link for downloading the complete finished song. That simple!   A 50% deposit is expected prior to the start of work with the balance due prior to delivery of the completed song. After completion of our mastering work we will agree to make up to two revisions for free. After that there is a fee of $15 per revision. After receiving your deposit and music upload, we will send a brief list of questions for you to complete and return so that we will have all of the needed information to open your account with us and to properly code your songs with the imbeded data that you provide, including artwork, UPC, and ISRC codes if you have them.