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We employ state-of-the-art studio mixing techniques
                                                                   Our tool box has some of the worlds leading editing & effects software

Volume level balancing
Stereoizatoin & Stereo field balancing, Special Balancing & Separation
Tuning, auto tune
Time quantization, track delay
Note Alignment, Note Splicing, Sound Replacement (repair damaged notes)
Fades and Cross Fades
MIDI Drum Beats & Synthesizer inlay
Stutter Effect, Beat Repeat, repetitors, Auto Filtering, Tremelo
Vocal Pitch Correction &  Pitch Editing (re-pitching)
Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flange, grain delay, auto moving delay
Distortion, fuzz, Overdrive, dynamic tube, flutter, erosion
Looping, claps, custom built noises
Frequency Analysis & Adjustment

Sound Effects Clips
Some of the available sound effects we have available include the following. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask as we probably have it, and if we don't have, we will make it!
machine gun, alien machine gun, air wrench, alpaca mating, angry cat, babbling brook, cardinal bird, helicoptor hovering, helicoptor fly by, helicoptor approach, helicoptor leaving, helicoptor circling,  black crows, blu jays, canadian geese, boxing areana, car brake & crash, closing drawer, chimpanzee, crowd audience, crowd ocvation, crowd sports, crowd small, crowd boo, crowd laughing, crowd large, crowd auplause, DJ scratching, dog barking, dog growling, electric saw, electric sweeper, exploson ultra bass, fighter plane, fire alarm, fire truck, fich tank bubbles, flushing toilet, frog croaking, godzilla, grenade, gun battle,  gun war, hare-Crishna, heart beat, heavy machine gun, RPG, horned owl, horror movie ambience, horse neigh, humvee, ice cream truck, bell, laser gun, kitchen sink, tiles, rain, thunder, laughing, tribal chanting, lion roar, music box, motorbike, shotgun blast, shotgun chambering, pump shotgun, pterodactyl, quack quack, hawk, rooster, screaming hawk, school bell, snoring, ship bell, school playground, cow, santa, sleigh bells, sniper, siren, tank, Charlie Brown teacher, teeth chatter, tires squeeling, traffic jam, train whistle, train approach, turkey gobble, turkey yell, warbling two tone doorbell, tyrannosaures rex, vintage telephone, walking on gravel, water flowing, winchester single shot, warning siren, electrified noises, wooshes, glitches....

Mix, Master & Code up to 8 song album starting at  $1250 for a demo quality. Call for pricing of your music.

Pay only 20% deposit now ($250.00). Balance due at completion.

You will be provided an opportunity to provide us your contact info

​We will contact you prior to starting your project to get all your coding info and discuss your project.

Prices indicated are typical. All prices are subject to variances depending on the customers uniq needs

Eleven ll Studio



Music mixing:

is part skill, part art, and part experience and is arguably the most important step in the development of the song production.  Mixing is the next step after recording and is where the song gets interesting. This is where we will find you that additional artistic edge and make your music emotionally and musically pleasing to your listening audience. Give us hint or example of the sound that you are seeking and we will get you there, whether it be bright and crystal clear, dark and erie, powerful and punchy bass,  or like you were playing a live show at the Albert Hall or Dodger Stadium.

We will optimize each separate element of a song then blend them into a complimentary and cohesive, musically appealing, emotionally impactful and unique piece of art. Using our experience and unique techniques we do this, in part, by balancing instrument and vocal loudness, level out and valleys peaks with gentle sound compression, equalize channel frequencies to provide sonic space and fit for each individual song component, utilize effects such as reverb, delay, chorus or modulation effects to a complete track or just section of it, as necessary to make it more musically interesting or pleasing, quantize the timing of each track to make it fit tightly together and on time with each of the songs counterparts, and much more. Your music will be fully enriched, in top form and ready to be forwarded to the final mastering stage for perfection.


If you have a tune that has already been fully produced, and sometime later, perhaps years later, you have either decided that there is something about it that you don't like, something missing, want to change some track leveling, change the arrangement, insert an audio effect or sound or a complete verse, make a revision, remove (or add) noise, add or remove a vocal, or simply just want to experiment with something different - then why not remix it. Sometimes this can completely change the song to a whole new sound and feel and you will not have to go through the trouble and expense of re-recording the song. It can be fun and interesting to compare the techniques and styles of different audio engineers. As long as you have access to the raw recordings, we can do anything. 

How It Works

We will either start with a song that we have recorded for you, or stems that you upload to us. (stems are the individual instrument/track files from the recording that you should have obtained from your studio). We will use our expansive toolbox of top rated software to process each track individually, making it sound awesome. then we will optimize and level each track, placing it into the mix of tracks in a way that it uniquely fits within the spectum of the song so that your completed song is awsome and ready to be mastered. It is at this time that we can apply any features or special sound effects that you desire, or repair any damaged audio within the track. We will provide you with snippits of the song and rework it up to two times, without additional expense, until you are satisfied at which time it will be ready for mastering.   A 50% deposit is expected prior to the start of work with the balance due prior to delivery of the completed song.

After paying your deposit and uploading your music files, we will send you a brief list of questions so that we can have the information needed to start your account with us and to properly code your music with the imbedded text.

Phase Analysis and Adjustment
Frequency Equalization, amplifier simulation, analog, tape saturation
Compression, Limiting, Gating, multi-band dynamics
Transpose a vocal or instrument to a different key or tone
insert beats, background vocal or sound effect clip
Vocal De-breath, Vocal De-ess, track De-hum, De-click
BS.1770-3 Loudnees Control for Broadcast TV & Radio and Spotify & iTunes
Stems, .wav, .aiff, .mp3, FLAC .mp4 Dithering, more
 redux, resonators, saturators,  vinyl distortion & crackling, vocoders
We have a huge catalog of sound effects clips from helicopters & motorcycle to birds and babies etc.
Endless possibilities!!!

Mix, Master & Code 1 song  starting at  $300.00 for a simple demo quality mix

Pay only 50% deposit now ($150). Balance due at completion

Mix 1 song starting at $150.00 for simple demo quality mix. contact us for a quote for your music
Pay only 50% deposit now ($75). Balance due at completion

*prices or times indicated for mixing are not 100% set in stone. They are indicated as an example for an average song and may be just a starting point for some songs