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Live Sound & Light Rental For the purposes of generating live sound reinforcement at an either indoor or outdoor venue, we are equipped to manage groups ranging from a small backyard or house party,  to a bar or restaurant, or any group up to about 2,000 people. If you simply just need a PA system for a speaking event or meeting, we can handle that too. [MORE]


 Copyrighting - Always a concern to an artist is the protection of the content that originated in their hands. There are a number of internet companies that will offer copyright registration for a fee if you submit your song to them for logging and storage. When Eleven 11 Studio participates in the production of your music, at any level, we already have on file a complete and accurate digital history of the music origination. Since we are already intimately familiar with your project, it just makes sense that we offer to you the same copyright registration service  [MORE]

Publishing & Promoting We would like to offer to do your initial publication and submission of your new project. Although we do not make a claim that we are a professional promotions company, we do maintain a small list, that is growing regularly, of internet music promoters, and a significant number of internet radio stations across the United States as well as several countries in the U.K. This is a time consuming task as submissions need to be made one at a time rather in bulk. We would make the initial submission and then any follow-up would be left to your discretion. This is a worthy consideration and you are most certainly will be able to see almost immediate results.  [MORE]

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