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 Pay $25 deposit for a single song mastering (4 min)


Eleven ll Studio


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PAYMENT POLICY - for mixing and mastering work

  • 50% deposit required at time service is requested
  • You will be provided a sample of your song prior to request for payment balance.  
  • Balance is payable prior to delivery of the completed song files. 
  • Starting rate for song mixing is $150 (for songs no greater than 4 minutes)
  • Starting rate for song mastering is $50 (for songs no greater than 4 minutes)
  • Metadata coding requires an additional charge
  • All music remains the property of Eleven 11 Studio until complete payment is received
  • All package prices are based on roughly 4 minute songs and 10 song albums (loosely measured) 




​​PAYMENT POLICY - for timein studio

  • $55.00 deposit required when studio time is scheduled in order to save a date
  • The estimated full amount of studio time is due upon the start of the session 
  • For any mixing and mastering of your music - see payment policy below
  • All sales are final and NO refunds are available
  • In studio rate is $55 per hour and calculated in 15 minute increments
  • Minimum studio time is (one) hour
  • Deposit is forfeited if cancellations or re-schedules are not made more than 24 hours in advance
  • All recordings remain the property of Eleven 11 Studio until complete payment is received
  • ​All package prices are based on roughly 4 minute songs and 10 song albums (loosely measured)


                                                                                           Pay $50 deposit to save a date 

                                                                             Please call after completion of payment to schedule



 No refunds will be provided to the client if the client either has an equipment failure to their own equipment or studio equipment that the client is using borrowing, or renting, or if the client fails to bring their needed equipment to the studio.  If the client borrows or rents equipment or gear belonging to the studio to use during their session, there are no guarantees or warranties of any kind associated with that equipment or gear including but not limited to sound or product quality or total equipment failure or availability. If studio owned equipment becomes damage during the clients use of such equipment, the client is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of such equipment. If there is any damage caused by the client to any of the studio property or building or contents of the building, the client is financially responsable for the cost of repairs or replacement.
The studio reserves the right to encode metadata to all files created or edited in the studio, identifying and indicating that Eleven 11 Studio has edited,  mixed, mastered, recorded engineered, and/or produced, the audio contained in any given file and that accreditation shall be maintained as a part that file at all times even through reproduction and distribution.
No drugs or alcohol are permitted in or around the studio property. All clients are expected to arrive to the studio fifteen to thirty minutes prior to scheduled appointment time and in a sober and unimpaired state and remain that way throughout the scheduled session. If any representative at Eleven 11 Studio identifies any client as being intoxicated or impaired, the studio reserves the right to refuse all further service to the client without refund of their deposits and prior payments and without completion of audio processing of the clients project. Smoking is permitted outside the building only and no time credit is given for smoke breaks.
Remedies: In the event that a dispute arises which requires the intervention of a court of law or other formal or informal petition or hearing, the parties agree that the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of any filing, claim or dispute resolution process shall remain in the county of Riverside California nearest the city of Corona. In the event that it becomes necessary for Eleven 11 Studio to pursue any action to enforce the terms and conditions of this agreement against the client , the client hereby agrees to pay any attorney fees, court costs, and other associated expenses directly related to such pursuit with exclusive jurisdiction as stated. 
Thank you for reviewing an observing the studio policy. If you have any questions about any of it, please do ask us,
We do value and appreciate your business. We look forward to serving you and getting your great music into the ears of your listeners.
 Kurt, Eleven 11 Studio

Pay $75 deposit for a single song mix (4 min or less)