Eleven ll Studio


Pay now for up to 5 songs, up to 5 radio stations $150.00


Pay now to ​Submit  up to 20 songs or up to 20 stations $500.00 

Pay 1 time set up for $10.00

(for new customers only, not required for returning customers)

​Pay now for up to 10 songs, up to 10 Radio stations $300.00

We offer INTERNET WORLDWIDE Studio Services !!! 


We have already done the research and found the places that will accept your music for airplay, and you can take advantage by having us submit your music directly to them.  We would like to offer to you the initial publication and submission of your new project, of course, we strongly urge you to first subscribe to our  copyright registration service. Submitting to radio is a time consuming task. We will make the initial submission which will give you limited radio play and then any follow-up would be left to your discretion.  We will let you know where your music was submitted. Don't expect to get rich or famous as submissions will be to the smaller FM radio and internet radio companies, but you need to start somewhere, right!. This is a worthy consideration and you will see almost immediate guaranteed results. These are largely unpaid broadcast play, but it does begin to place your name and music into the eyes and ears of your new listening audience. We have additional resources available on request which might help your band with your release, including radio, talent agencies, booking agents, and venues for live play which we can provide in assiciation with our services and upon request. With our submissions, you are guaranteed radio play although we do not guarantee how much radio play you will receive. Many are up to 30 days of daily play (or more). If you have your ISRC codes, there is a chance that you will receive your airplay with pay (but don't count on it). It just depends on your genre and which stations accept your song for play.

You are not required to use our studio service in order to utilize our submission service. Anybody can request our submission service. If you are not already a customer of one of our studio services, there is a small one time administrative set up fee. 

Best Deal



Pay the amount required for the service level that you are looking for, either 5 or 10 submissions. This can either be 5 songs to one station, or 1 song to five stations or any combination etc. (your choice).  If you are a first time customer, include payment for the one time set up fee. We will contact you for all needed info. After payment is complete, go to our upload page and submit your song. Your song MUST be a good quality recording, in .MP3 format  and should contain the necessary imbedded data coding. We can add the coding or convert to .MP3 for you if needed, that is a separate service. Give us a few days to complete your submissions and you will be notified of the details when complete. Simple as that!

You will be given an opportunity to provide your contact info, 

We will contact you prior to any submissions