Add a whole new instrument part
Rearrange the song progression
Cut parts out…splice stuff in…
Change the tuning…add effects…overdubs

Use your imagination .... twist and distort your existing song in any way you can dream up

  • Remove the old lead singer
    Add a new lead vocalist
    Add some back up vocals
    Add a guitar solo at the end 

Requires minimum 1 hour of studio mixing time

​Pay deposit $50.00 (should be sufficient time for many projects)

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Eleven ll Studio


The process of adding “tracks” or additional performances to an existing recording. For example, we have recorded the band already, incorporating bass, drum keys and rhythm guitar. Our next might be to overdub lead and background vocals, guitar solos and a string section. Overdubbing is used to add new material or replace weak elements of a recording

Optimize each separate element of a song then blend them into a complimentary and cohesive, musically appealing, emotional impactful and unique piece of art by balancing instrument and vocal loudness, level peaks with compression, equalize channel frequencies to provide individual sonic space for each song component, utilize effects such as reverb, delay, chorus or modulation effects to a track as necessary to make it more musically pleasing, quantize the timing of each track to make it fit tightly and on time with the counterparts,    

This requires the availabiltiy of the original raw recordings of each of the song components (instruments and vocals) otherwise known as stems. The extent of the remix can be a small adjustment can be made to the original mix i.e. addition or adjustment of just one effect on just one of the tracks, or can be as complex as a total re-arangement of the flow of the song, or anything in between like additional or removal of a vocal or instrument. You may want to change the intro or ending, ad a synthesizer or rythym, ad a special sound effect like a clap, dog bark, or motorcycle engine. Maybe the band has a new lead singer and you just want to remove the prior vocal and replace it with a new recording of the new vocalist. We can also make a completely different song by using the same initial recording components and rearranging, adding, and removing instruments and effects. 

Special Effects:
We have virtually an unlimited amount of cool souning effects we can use to create a unique sound in your music. They can be used to highlight something,  applied over the entire song, just one instrument or voice, a brief punction mark in the song, and whatever the artistic imagination can come up with. The following are some examples
beat repeat, fades, cross fades, echo, delay, reverb, chorus,  fuzz, distortion, overdrive, compressors, limiters, sidechains, stutter, auto filtering, phasing, auto panning, amplifier simulation, ping-pong delay, arpeggiators, dynamic tube, EQ, stereoization, erosion, flange, repetitors, frequency shift, gate, grain delay, looping, multi-band dynamics, flutter, tremelo, redux, resonators, saturators, moving delay, vinyl distortion & crackling, vocoders

Sound Effects:
Some of the available sound effects we have available include the following. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask as we probably have it, and if we don't have, we will make it!
machine gun, alien machine gun, air wrench, alpaca mating, angry cat, babbling brook, cardinal bird, helicoptor hovering, helicoptor fly by, helicoptor approach, helicoptor leaving, helicoptor circling,  black crows, blu jays, canadian geese, boxing areana, car brake & crash, closing drawer, chimpanzee, crowd audience, crowd ocvation, crowd sports, crowd small, crowd boo, crowd laughing, crowd large, crowd auplause, DJ scratching, dog barking, dog growling, electric saw, electric sweeper, exploson ultra bass, fighter plane, fire alarm, fire truck, fich tank bubbles, flushing toilet, frog croaking, godzilla, grenade, gun battle,  gun war, hare-Crishna, heart beat, heavy machine gun, RPG, horned owl, horror movie ambience, horse neigh, humvee, ice cream truck, bell, laser gun, kitchen sink, tiles, rain, thunder, laughing, tribal chanting, lion roar, music box, motorbike, shotgun blast, shotgun chambering, pump shotgun, pterodactyl, quack quack, hawk, rooster, screaming hawk, school bell, snoring, ship bell, school playground, cow, santa, sleigh bells, sniper, siren, tank, Charlie Brown teacher, teeth chatter, tires squeeling, traffic jam, train whistle, train approach, turkey gobble, turkey yell, warbling two tone doorbell, tyrannosaures rex, vintage telephone, walking on gravel, water flowing, winchester single shot, warning siren, electrified noises, wooshes, glitches....

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After uploading your music clips, stems, or song we will contact you to discuss your project in detail before doing anything.